Emergency After Hours On-Call Policy

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Emergency Support Policy

To continue offering responsive and high-quality support outside of normal business hours, we will introduce a nominal fee for non-emergency support calls made after hours.

This change will enable us to allocate resources more effectively and ensure that our team can continue providing the level of support you've come to expect from us, at any hour.

Any non-emergency request made for our on-call technician will incur a one time fee of $100.

(Our on-call technician will attempt to contact the decision maker at your location before any work is performed or charges issued.)

What Constitutes an Emergency to Vested Networks?

Emergencies are defined by Vested Networks as any event that is not considered preventable.

Some examples of Emergency requests are as follows:

  • Vested Managed Internet Outage
  • Vested Phone Service Outage (All inbound/outbound calls failing)
  • Vested Networks device outage (Phone unregistered)
  • Vested Mikrotik router outage (ISP modem is online, but no internet from OUR router)
  • Acts of Nature (Fire, flood, etc.)

What Type of Call Would Incur a Fee?

Any call that does not fall under one of the categories expressed above is subject to a one time fee of $100.

Some examples of Non-Emergency Calls

  • Internet Service Provider modem swap that was not scheduled with the Support Team ahead of time
  • User changes (Name, Email Address, etc.)
  • Faxing service issues
  • Call routing adjustments / Holiday messages / Temporary Forwarding
  • Portal Training

**The list above is just an example of common scenarios and does not fully cover all calls deemed non-emergent**

Scheduling After Hours Work

We understand given the fact we deploy network routers for your business, there may come a time where our support team is needed to assist in network maintenance outside of normal business hours. Rest assured, this type of work is something we provide when you are a Vested Networks customer. However, to ensure our technician is fully prepared for the work needing to be performed, we require you schedule any after hours work with us by calling our support team during business hours at least 48 hours prior to the date of the work.